First Presbyterian Church

in Brookline   10:15 am Sunday Service

32 Harvard St.

Brookline, MA 02445

(617) 232-7962




Worship is key to the Christian life. We come together in worship to celebrate God, to acknowledge our brokenness before God and ask for healing, and to hear God's Word to us.


We follow the Reformed tradition in worship, centering on the Word of God. We hear the Word as it is read, sung, and preached. We speak the Word to each other in hymns, in responsive readings, in the proclamation of our faith, and in prayer.


Our services tend toward the traditional. We observe the liturgical calendar. Sermons often follow the lectionary text. We mostly sing hymns. But we also vary our worship. A special service might have more singing and less reading. Or more readings and no sermon.


And, while our services are traditional, we are not formal. We leave our seats for the passing of the peace. The choir assembles to sing, and after the anthem, choir members return to their seats. If people cannot hear the worship leader, someone may come up front to turn on the microphone.


The point in worship is not for leaders to present a perfect service to the congregation. It is, rather, for all of us, those in the pews and those up front, to bring ourselves wholly into the presence of God, to proclaim God's greatness, and to offer ourselves to God for his use.



"Alas, in regard to things spiritual, the foolishness of many is this, that they in the secular sense look upon the speaker as an actor, and the listeners as theatergoers who are to pass judgment upon the artist. But the speaker is not the actor--not in the remotest sense... In the theater, the play is staged before an audience who are called theatergoers; but at the devotional address, God himself is present. In the most earnest sense, God is the critical theatergoer, who looks on to see how the lines are spoken and how they are listened to."

Søren Kierkegaard, Purity of Heart




















Our choir is a group of dedicated amateurs who love to sing to God.


Savior, Like a Shepherd, William Bradbury, arr. Ruth Artman

Go Out with Joy, Hank Beebe

Psalm 150, Allen Pote

I Will Always Give Thanks, Capel Bond

Get on Board, Little Children, arr. Larry Shackley

Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep, John Rutter

O Sing all Ye Redeemed From Adam's Fall, Georg Gottfried Müller





First Presbyterian Church in Brookline

32 Harvard St.

Brookline, MA 02445

(617) 232-7962